Dentures in Tennessee

People dealing with tooth loss may experience difficulties with chewing and speaking, which can lead to dietary limitations and social discomfort. At Schmitt Dental, we offer multiple types of dentures as a teeth replacement option because we understand the impact tooth loss can have. Our dentures provide a lifelike replacement for missing teeth, restoring your ability to eat and speak comfortably and revitalizing your smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They come in various types, including complete dentures, which replace all teeth in a dental arch, and partial dentures, which replace only a few missing teeth while preserving remaining natural teeth. Our dentures are custom-made to fit snugly within your mouth, providing stability and comfort while eating, speaking, and smiling.

Why Would Someone Need Dentures?

Dentures provide a solution for individuals facing tooth loss due to various reasons. Dentures may be recommended to address the following issues:

  • Extensive Tooth Loss: Severe decay, advanced gum disease, or traumatic injury can result in the loss of multiple teeth, making it challenging to chew food properly and affecting speech clarity.
  • Complete Edentulism: Complete tooth loss in one or both dental arches can occur due to aging, poor oral hygiene, or systemic health conditions. Dentures offer a comprehensive solution to restore oral function and aesthetics in such cases.
  • Partial Tooth Loss: When some natural teeth are missing, partial dentures can fill in the gaps, preventing neighboring teeth from shifting and maintaining proper alignment. This helps preserve oral health and function.

Denture Options Available at Schmitt Dental

At Schmitt Dental, we provide comprehensive dental care, including multiple denture options.

Partial dentures available at Schmitt Dental in Tennessee

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth while preserving any remaining natural teeth. These custom-crafted prosthetics consist of a metal or acrylic framework that supports artificial teeth. Partial dentures not only restore oral function and aesthetics but also prevent adjacent teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Full dentures available at Schmitt Dental in Tennessee

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are ideal for individuals who have lost all their natural teeth in either the upper or lower dental arch or both. These removable appliances comprise a full set of artificial teeth set into a pink acrylic base, which closely resembles gum tissue. Full dentures restore the ability to chew, speak, and smile confidently, providing essential support for facial muscles.

Implant dentures available at Schmitt Dental in Tennessee

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant-supported dentures offer enhanced stability and functionality by securing the denture appliance to dental implants surgically placed within the jawbone. This helps minimize movement or slippage while eating or speaking. Implant-retained dentures offer greater comfort, improved chewing efficiency, and a more natural feel compared to traditional removable dentures.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Restored Chewing and Speaking Abilities: By replacing lost or damaged teeth with artificial prosthetics, dentures enable you to bite, chew, and speak with confidence and ease, allowing you to enjoy food and engage in social interactions without hesitation.
  • Improved Aesthetic Appearance: Whether partial or complete, dentures are custom-crafted to resemble your natural teeth and gums. With well-fitted dentures, you can regain a youthful smile and rejuvenate your facial features.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life and Confidence: You can experience a newfound sense of freedom and independence by enjoying daily activities and social interactions without limitations. A new set of teeth can empower you to embrace life with renewed confidence and vitality.

Dentures Clinic in Tennessee

Don't let tooth loss affect your smile any longer. If you are experiencing tooth loss or are in need of denture repairs, contact Schmitt Dental in Tennessee to schedule an appointment today. During your consultation, our team will carefully evaluate your oral health needs, discuss your treatment options, and develop a treatment plan based on your unique needs. 

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