Healthy Teeth Need More Than Just Daily Tooth Brushing and Flossing

Young woman with dental flossDid you know that the average American will spend almost 40 days in their lifetime brushing their teeth? The team at Schmitt Dental knows that brushing at least two minutes a day, at least twice a day, can help reduce the risk of problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. However, brushing alone is not going to keep the smile as healthy as it needs to be over the course of several decades. This is why we encourage patients to visit our practice locations to educate themselves further on how to care for their teeth and gums properly.

What should I be doing every day to maintain a healthy smile?

  • Oral health and wellness start with brushing. Most patients brush twice a day for two minutes, but we do recommend brushing the teeth after every meal whenever possible.
  • Flossing is another way to maintain a healthy smile. Flossing removes food particles that can easily become trapped in the smile and can contribute to the development of cavities. If you have questions about how you can effectively and properly floss, do not hesitate to talk to your dental professionals at Schmitt Dental. They can guide you through the steps to proper flossing to ensure you are getting the results you need.
  • Eating a proper diet high in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. While cookies and candy taste great, they are incredibly high in sugars and carbs that can turn into plaque and damage the smile. It is best that you maintain a healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables and none, or fewer, sugary or acidic foods and beverages that can impact the smile in a negative way.
  • Visiting the dentist at least every six months for a thorough dental cleaning and evaluation. Spotting the early signs of problems can help you in treating them faster and more effectively than if left alone to worsen.

How do I learn more about routine dental care?

Preventative dentistry is vital in maintaining a healthy smile for life! If you live in the areas of Brentwood or Clarksville, TN, call one of our three office locations to book a consultation and initial evaluation with our team. We can help you set up a routine plan to protect your smile from damage and improve your oral health and wellness with time. Call us today!

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