Caring for your smile after a tooth extraction

copy of istock 1256923560 1At Schmitt Dental, we understand that taking care of the smile might seem complicated, but in actuality, maintenance of one’s oral health and wellness is simple. Even then, there may be situations where a patient might be faced with the prospect of removing a natural tooth. Tooth extraction sounds scary, but is actually done routinely for patients.

Below are just a few of the more common reasons why patients may ask the team at Schmitt Dental about tooth extraction:

  • Impacted tooth
  • Preparations for dentures
  • Preparations for orthodontic work
  • Infected tooth
  • Failed root canal therapy
  • Trauma/injury

What type of dental extraction will I need? 

There are two varieties of extraction that are performed at Schmitt Dental including simple and surgical. 

  • Simple extraction – if a tooth has erupted through the gumline and is accessible to the dentist, a simple extraction is performed. Specialized instruments are used to grip the tooth and remove it from the jawbone quickly and easily.
  • Surgical extraction – alternatively, if a tooth is underneath the gumline, surgical extraction is necessary. The dentist will cut into the gums to remove the tooth, and aftercare is more extensive due to stitches and healing.

How do I care for my smile after dental extractions? 

After patients have a dental extraction performed, they will be given aftercare instructions from their dentist. Simple extractions have a shorter recovery time than surgical extractions, and this should be kept in mind for individuals facing an upcoming procedure. Patients are often advised to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where the tooth was pulled, and enjoy softer foods until cleared by the dentist to eat other food. Patients should rinse with salt water regularly and be careful to brush around the areas where the procedure was performed. Patients should also take any prescribed medication, such as pain medication or antibiotics, as directed. 

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