Acidity and oral health

istock 506763570 1At Schmitt Dental, we understand the important of good oral hygiene and health and how it relates to a beautiful smile. There are many conditions that can sabotage an otherwise healthy smile, including tooth erosion, acidity, plaque, tartar, and calculus. Because the natural tooth enamel is prone to erosion and decay, it is vital that patients take good care of their smile every day. Acidity is just one of many problems that can occur that may negatively impact the appearance and health of the smile.
What is acidity?
Acidity is often related to sugars, such as those found in candies and sodas. When there are high levels of acidity in the mouth that are not brushed and flossed away, they can become extremely erosive and cause damage to the natural teeth. This is a problem for both children and adults, and needs to be monitored closely—and managed with good habits.

How does acidity affect the teeth?

Acidity caused by eating too much candy or drinking sodas regularly wears down the natural tooth enamel that protects the tooth and keeps it strong. If the natural tooth enamel is thinner than normal, patients will experience increased sensitivity. At the same time, they may experience problems related to periodontal disease and tooth decay, including pain and discomfort.

How to prevent damage to the teeth caused by acidity

Ideally, for one’s overall health and wellness, patients should avoid sugary foods and drinks, but the team at Schmitt Dental understands that this is not always realistic. If a patient does enjoy these sugary sweets, eating them in moderation is fine, as long as they brush and floss their teeth immediately after consumption. This can eliminate the acidity levels and reduce the risk of cavities and disease.

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