What to know about bruxism

Bruxism | Schmitt DentalFor many of us, life can be stressful. Most adults deal with stress to some degree, which can stem from their job, their family, or their lack of time to relax and rest. However, there are times during which stress can manifest in a condition known as bruxism. Bruxism is a condition that affects millions of adults and children, and causes them to clench and grind their teeth. This clenching and grinding can, in turn, negatively impact one’s oral health. At Schmitt Dental, patients in the areas of Brentwood and Clarksville, TN are encouraged to get a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

What causes bruxism?

Many patients who have bruxism deal with the condition due to high levels of stress. However, there are other reasons why bruxism may develop. Sometimes, a patient’s teeth may not be properly aligned, causing bite problems from the upper and lower teeth not connecting together for effective eating. Poor bite alignment can cause wear of the natural tooth enamel, and severe cases of bruxism may also cause broken teeth, lost fillings, or worn molars. In some instances, bruxism may be a side effect of certain medications.

How can I address bruxism?

Stress-related bruxism can be improved with a lifestyle change. This may include the integration of exercise, yoga, or meditation. Other times, if the cause of bruxism is due to poor bite alignment, patients may want to think about having their malocclusion addressed with orthodontic treatment. In most other cases, patients with bruxism can reduce the tension on the jaw and protect their teeth with the use of a special oral appliance. Similar to a mouthguard, an oral appliance for bruxism can be worn during the day or night, whenever bruxism is at its worst. It can cushion the upper and lower arch of the teeth to reduce tension in the muscles around the jaw joint, and it can also provide a layer of protection to keep the teeth from becoming damaged or dental restorations to break.

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