Professional teeth whitening can brighten the smile faster than over-the-counter alternatives

One of the fastest ways to dramatically enhance the smile is with the use of teeth whitening solutions. Drs. Schmitt and Oh of Schmitt Dental in Clarksville, TN welcome patients to take the time to learn about a professional alternative to traditional whitening options available over-the-counter.

How if professional whitening different?

Many of the products available at the local drugstore, including strips, pens, and toothpaste, are often at a very low concentration of bleaching ingredients. This is to ensure safety for patients who may or may not comply properly with the instructions. However, when whitening is done under the close eye of a professional team, higher concentrations of bleaching agents and ingredients can be used to achieve better results. Our practice offers in-office whitening that not only provides more whitening than over-the-counter options, but also ensures same-day results. Professional whitening is highly desirable for patients who are short on time but want to look their best for work, an upcoming reunion, or even their wedding day! The entire process is performed and monitored by our dental staff to achieve the desired results while ensuring safety.

What can I expect from professional whitening?

Professional whitening is done right in the office with the care of our attending staff. The teeth are prepared with a full cleaning prior to administering protective gel onto the gum tissues. Then, the whitening gel is applied directly onto the visible tooth enamel and activated with a specialized light. Patients relax in the treatment chair as the bleaching ingredients work hard at pulling deep stains from within the teeth. In under two hours, patient may leave the practice with a smile up to eight shades brighter than when they arrived!

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Drs. Schmitt and Oh of Schmitt Dental are pleased to offer effective, affordable, and powerful whitening solutions for patients faced with stained and discolored smiles. If you are ready to learn more about in-office professional whitening, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our staff. We have two convenient locations in the area of Clarksville, TN and are regularly accepting new patients and families.

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