What to do about dental anxiety

Do you experience anxiety around dental appointments? Do you feel uneasy the day of your appointment and consider canceling or rescheduling? Have you had negative experiences at the dentist before that has cause you to avoid making necessary appointments? If this sounds like you, you are definitely not alone! Many adults deal with dental anxiety for different reasons, but can seek relief and alleviate their fears with a single conversation with their dentist.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is best described as a feeling of nervousness associated with going to the dentist. Many patients automatically think of the sounds of the dental office, such as drill, that can cause them to feel a spike in anxiety the minute they hear it. Other patients might have a fear of needles or pain, keeping them from getting even a simple dental cleaning performed. Alternatively, some patients are just uncomfortable with another person inside of their “personal bubble” or personal space. Regardless, speaking to your dentist about these feelings is the first step in finding relief.

How to manage dental anxiety

There are a few ways in which patients can be made more comfortable for their appointment. Here are a selection of recommendations in easing dental anxiety:

  • Our team does not want to cause discomfort and take great care in providing gentle treatment
  • If a procedure may be uncomfortable, we will discuss with patients the process as we perform it. During this time, the patient can speak up about their anxieties so we can address them with solutions such as sedation.
  • Patients who have significant fears or anxieties may want to speak to the dentist about oral conscious sedation, which allows patients to be sedated before they even arrive at the office to ensure they get there for their necessary services.

Learn more about managing dental anxiety with our team today

At Schmitt Dental, we want to ensure that our patients have a positive experience when they visit the dental office. To do this, patients will want to ask our team about anesthetics and sedation. With several office locations throughout Tennessee, patients can obtain the care they need while feeling at ease from start to finish! If you want to learn more, call today to request an appointment.

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